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About Us

Turning Passion into Action


Born from a lifelong love of nature and wildlife. 

Being a PNW native, I had the opportunity to volunteer and work for a few years at a wildlife rehabilitation center on the Northern Oregon Coast. Assisting in the care and rehabilitation of over 100 species of wildlife, with release back into nature always being the ultimate goal.  

There, I recognized the urgent need for a wildlife rehabilitation facility on the Peninsula. At that time, Oregon would not allow mammals from out of state for rehabilitation, so that was our focus at first. After relocating to Ocean Park in 2019, we have worked towards fulfilling that need in our community. All the work and determination have paid off. In February 2022, Peninsula Wild Care opened its doors. We are a small, all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 rescue and rehabilitation center in Southwest Washington.

​We rescue small mammals from life-threatening situations by providing them with care and veterinary treatment as needed. Regrettably, Oregon stopped accepting birds from out of state once we opened, so we have had to change our plan to help the many birds we have in our area. In addition, we have received a restricted migratory bird permit due to the lack of outdoor enclosures and enough indoor caging. Therefore, we have a short time to get the birds, if possible, back out to nature or transfer them to a permitted wildlife center, some over 4 hours away, if they need long-term care.

Our focus is to release healthy wildlife back into their natural habitat. We work closely with local, state, and federal agencies to meet that goal. 

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