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Peninsula Wild Care

Our mission at PWC is to rescue wildlife in Washington facing life-threatening situations. We provide compassionate care, veterinary medical treatment, and support for orphaned wild animals. Our goal is to reintroduce previously injured and orphaned animals back into their natural habitats. We also strive to promote empathy for wildlife and educate children and adults about the importance of conserving their habitats and the value of Washington's wild animals.

PWC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that operates as an all-volunteer small wildlife rehabilitation center in Ocean Park, Washington. We serve Southwest Washington, from the western slopes of the Cascades to the coast. We are permitted to rehabilitate small and medium mammals. Currently, we hold a restricted migratory bird permit. We are in the process of building a multi-use aviary and an avian-specific cage room; therefore, we anticipate obtaining a migratory bird permit soon.

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