Peninsula Wild Care

Small Mammal Rehabilitation Center


Rescue Washington wildlife from life threatening situations, to provide care, veterinary medical treatment as needed, and to provide care for orphaned wild animals. To reintroduce previously injured and orphaned wild animals back into their natural habitat and to educate children and adults about the value of Washington wild animals and conservation.

PWC is a nonprofit 501c3, all volunteer small wildlife rehabilitation center in Ocean Park, Washington serving Pacific & Wahkiakum Counties. We are permitted to rehabilitate small mammals, including all squirrel species, wild rabbits, mountain beavers, baby opossums and

raccoons.  We can help other species, including birds and other small to medium mammals, by rescuing and transferring to other permitted Washington wildlife centers. All of our funding comes from folks like you, and

all donations are used directly in the care of our patients. Please consider helping.

Squirrel with a walnut_edited.jpg
Image by Jonnelle Yankovich

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